Questions & Answers

How Can I Sign Up?

Sign up to Beta Test Here:

When will Quilted Memoir be released?

Quilted Memoir is in it’s beginning phases. We hope to have it ready for testing in 2019.

How is this different than sites like FamilySearch or Ancestry? 

We would be happy to integrate into family history sites down the road, but for the time being Quilted Memoir™ serves a different purpose. Quilted Memoir™ is intended to ease the burden of memory collection in short periods of time such as after a loved one passes, but before their funeral. This will happen through a simple crowd funding type experience to expedite the collection of those memories through our easy-to-use experience. 

Do I need to make an account? 

Only the facilitator of the “quilt” will need to make an account. All other friends and family will be able to access the quilt to “stitch” in their memories through the app or website without needing to set up an account.  

I have ideas or feedback about Quilted Memoir™, how can I get in touch? 

We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas Please fill out THIS SURVEY or e-mail us at [email protected]