When someone you love passes away or has an important event such as a 50th anniversary, Quilted Memoir™ will make it easy to collect memories and stitch them together to make a beautify tapestry of their life. Please fill out THIS SURVEY to help us refine your experience with Quilted Memoir™. 

Example process: 

STEP 1: Sign Up or Sign in

When you find out about a family or friend’s special event (such as funeral, 50th wedding anniversary or graduation), sign into your account.

STEP 2: Start a “Quilt”

Start a new “quilt” by entering the person’s name, event and event date.

STEP 3: “Stitch” Your Memories

Follow the prompts to record, type or upload your memories.

share your quilt

STEP 4: Invite Others

Easily invite others to “stitch” their own memories into the quilt by sharing a simple access code via e-mail, social media or text.

STEP 5:  View For Free 

View the finished “quilt” of crowed sourced memories for free online or order a downloadable copy or apple TV version to share at the special event. Reminisce together and enjoy.


For additional feedback on what features you would like to see or to ask questions, please e-mail [email protected]